Making software since 1990.

  • 1990 – Made an application for solving a rubic cube variant on a Commodore 64
  • 1991 / 1992 Created a SVGA drawing library in C and ASM that could be used from ASM, C, QuickBasic and Clipper
  • 1997 / 2000 Created a School information system (still in production).
  • 1999 / 2001 Created the application BeursMonitor for working with stock quotes, building a portfolio, comparing stocks and setting notifications.
  • 2002 / 2003 Created a comprehensive Visual Basic 6 library that should have been the basis for the next BeursMonitor version. This library is now available as open source.
  • 2004 / now Full time software engineer working on large websites such as,, and
  • 2009 / now iOS developer

My resume can be found here.


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