During my work as a software engineer I was repeatedly asked to get some information out of a database and create some sort of file out of it or to send it by email. To make this task easier i created a templating mechanism and called it DBPublisher. Over the years that library grew in functionality and flexability. DBPublisher is a library written in Visual Basic 6 and can be access from every programming language that can call an activex dll.

  • Easy datasource and source query definition
  • Complete free template format. (plain text, html or any other format you can think of)
  • section grouping and sub grouping
  • Include other templates which could have a different datasource. (sub forms)
  • Write the result to one or more files in a folder, FTP it to an other server or send it as an email (bulk email)

The total DBPublisher source code can be downloaded from here.

Below you can see a sample of a simple publishing template. In the downoad above more samples are available (including mail and ftp samples)

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