In the period 2000 – 2004 I have done a lot of Visual Basic 6 programming which also resulted in a nice collection of reusable code. I did my best to make this code as generic and reusable as possible. Below you can see a short explanation of those portions plus a download link for the source code.

  • Automating Internet Explorer You can open and fully control a Internet Explorer window. Unless you want to know how to hook into IE, i can advice using WatiN instead of this library.
  • Client Server communications This library let you create a client or a server in an easy to use object oriented way. By calling the wininet.dll directly instead of using the winsock control this dll excells in performance and memory usage.
  • ComDoc If you have a OLE/COM component (dll or ocx) and you want to write documentation for it, then ComDoc is the tool for you. ComDoc will use the component itself for building the structure of the documentation and can also make use of the descriptions that are part of the component. For the publication ComDoc uses the DBPublisherobject. Because all the publications are based on templates the outcome is 100% customizable.
  • DBPublisher is a template driven database publication tool. with support for email and ftp.
  • Encryption is a very easy to use ActiveX dll for encrypting and decrypting data. It can be used from almost any programing language. It Has support For RC2, RC4, DES, Triple DES and Triple DES 112.
  • Error handling You can bennefit a lot if you use a generic method for your error handling in your application. Using line numbers in VB is undervalued. You will only get a 10% bigger .exe but it will make your life much easier to debug your application. The demo will also show you how to build an error trace and how to capture GPF errors.
  • Event log is a module with one function that will give you some more functionality than what you can do with the App.LogEvent method in VB6.
  • FTP is a library that (like most commercial components) acts as a ‘wrapper’ around’ the wininet.dll FTP api calls and takes that dll to its functional limits. This object makes it easy to add FTP functionality to your application at a proffesional level.
  • Object browser lets you have a look at the structure of any OLE/COM object. This can be an ActiveX dll, an OCX or an ActiveX EXE. It’s even possible to read out the entire object model of any MS Office application.
  • QuickTip adds a very nice help function to your application. There is even support for getting the help text out of a chm help file.
  • Receiving e-mail using POP3
  • Scraping the web The WebGrabber object is meant to help you to parse table structured data into a database. This is not only usefull for html files with data in a table but it can also be used to parse a csv file into the database
  • Sending e-mail using SMTP
  • Telnet is a library that will let you interact with a host using the Telnet protocol. You can send any command and get the data that is returned by it. It is also possible to react on various events that are triggered.
  • Windows Service is the easiest way to create your own true NT service. Just look at the testService project. This has all the code you need.

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