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Tag: iPhone

This is the first of the planned weekly posts about newly discovered (by me) iOS resources.

Here is the complete list of iOS resources

If you want to keep up to date, then just follow @evermeer on twitter or watch the RSS feed of this blog.

Iphone design and interface

Various specific libraries for your iPhone app


  • MagicalRecord How to make programming with Core Data pleasant
  • Codea Cargo-bot game build entirely on iPad

Tools that you can use

Various specific libraries for your iPhone app

  • MGTileMenu pop-up tile-based contextual menus
  • MPFoldTransitions add fold transitions to your app
  • BaseKit a set of iOS classes to make your life easier
  • MoMu a mobile music toolkit
  • XYOrigami folding transitions category for UIView
  • libextobjc a Cocoa library to extend the Objective-C language

In the past year and a half I have built various iPhone apps. Finding good resources
always was such a challenge that I decided to maintain a list of those resources. I have
used this list to flood my colleagues who were starting their iPhone development adventure.
This has proven to be of good help so I decided to share the list. I’ll try and keep this
up to date with new things I find. Feel free to comment with other great resources.

Update: The list kept on growing. I moved it to a separate page. I am planning to post regular updates. Just follow @evermeer on twitter or follow the RSS feed of this blog.

Here is the list of iOS resources