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Here is a new list of iOS resources that I discovered in the last month.


  • CoreImageTransition sample app for transition effects using Core Image, including a useful helper class
  • CoreImageTransition A sample app for transition effects using Core Image, including a useful helper class
  • FaceCamTest Displays a live camera window similar to FaceTime
  • iOSVideoCameraMultiStitchExample Example of recording then stitching together multiple video segments taken from the camera of an iOS device

Multi platform toolkits


  • AGi18n Utility to easily localize your iOS apps by automatically extracting texts from code and XIB files into a Localizable strings
  • BBUncrustifyPlugin-Xcode Xcode plugin to uncrustify the source code opened in the editor
  • Buildozer Build automation and deployment for mobile developers
  • DeployMate helps you identify unavailable, deprecated and obsolete API usage in your Xcode projects
  • Drawscript an extension for Illustrator that generates graphics code from vector shapes in realtime
  • IPA-icon-QLGenerator A Quick Look generator plug-in for IPA files
  • MSLeakHunter Series of tools to help you find and debug objects that are leaking / over-released
  • Overlaying Application Version on Top of Your Icon
  • Shoebox game and ui related tools
  • Simpholders A small utility for fast access to your iPhone Simulator apps. Opens folder in Finder, resets library and documents, and deletes the selected app.


Various specific libraries for your iPhone app

  • ADBBackgroundCells allow lazy loading for UITableViewCell objects performing a long time job in background without blocking the UI
  • ADGraphView drop-in classes that displays scrollable and zoomable with user friendly pinch gesture graph
  • ADNKit framework for building applications
  • ADPopupView drop-in classes that displays popup at custom point in custom view. It automatically drawing itself according current position and parent view bounds
  • ADSlidingViewController A sliding view controller
  • AGGeometryKit A bundle of small classes which enriches your possibilities with UIKit and CoreAnimation
  • AGWindowView a UIView which can be added directly to UIWindow. It handles rotation and frame changes of statusbar for you
  • AutoScrollLabel Provides marquee like UILabel scrolling, think iPod track title scrolling
  • BCFeedScroller two classes for showing animated feed
  • BubbleThingie Messages app Text and Image Bubbles
  • calloutview A lightweight callout view class for iOS mimicking UICalloutView
  • CollapseClick A collapsible list that functions like a UITableView, except you can collapse and open cells on a click. Feed it UIViews for what is shown when each cell is open. Works via delegation similar to UITableView
  • Colours-for-iOS A collection of predefined UIColors
  • DCModalSegue A custom segue which makes a pushed back modal presenting animation
  • DTXMLRPC wrappers around XML-RPC (for WordPress) requests and responses
  • FDGraphView simple way to draw graphs representing data
  • Firebase a cloud database designed to power real-time, collaborative applications.
  • fjappsstorecontroller A Apps Store controller to show information about other apps
  • GCDWebServer Lightweight GCD based HTTP server
  • GCTagList tag list like iOS Mail app’s sender or recivers
  • HTGradientEasing smooth easing to CAGradientLayers. A combination of the exhaustive collection of easing functions provided by the AHEasing project and a color mixer, UIColor+CrossFade
  • InflectorKit Efficiently Singularize and Pluralize Strings
  • ios-quayboard A keyboard accessory that blends in with the default iOS keyboard
  • iOS-Workflow A lightweight workflow component
  • JJPrivateKeyEvents Library that uses private APIs to capture global keystroke events for debugging purposes in the simulator
  • JRErr NSError handler
  • JSErrorStackTrace Category on NSError that stores the stack trace of the creation of the NSError object for later retrieval
  • KGNotePad a text view complete with lines and torn paper
  • KGStatusBar A minimal status bar
  • KIImagePager inspired by foursquare’s ImageSlideshow, the user may scroll through images loaded from the Web
  • LBorderView UIView with dashed or solid line border
  • Lin
  • Lin Xcode4 plugin shows completion for NSLocalizedString
  • linphone voip / sip library
  • M13InfiniteTabBar A fully customizable UITabBar replacement for tab bars with five or more tabs
  • M6ParallaxController Parallax controller for a parallaxed view and a table view
  • MAHideSlideView Sliding view with customizable cover background.
  • MBSpacialViewController Create a gesture-driven map of view controllers in 2D space
  • MCSwipeTableViewCell implements the gestural table view cell style seen in the very well-executed Mailbox iOS app
  • MDCFocusView Apply a “tutorial screen” overlay to your application window
  • MessagesTableViewController A messages UI
  • MGBenchmark Library to measure code execution times
  • MKiCloudSync Sync your NSUserDefaults to iCloud automatically
  • MSPullToRefreshController pull to refresh library
  • NMPaginator class that handles pagination (in a tableview) for you
  • Off the Record multiprotocol IM client
  • OpenPics application for viewing images from multiple remote sources
  • PaymentKit Easily accept payments
  • PayPal SDK using the paypal rest api’s
  • PBPayPalPaymentViewController PayPal Payment ViewController subclass using blocks
  • placeit Create a picture view from your screenshots
  • PocketSVG Easily convert your SVG files into CGPaths, CAShapeLayers, and UIBezierCurves
  • Queue A persistent background job queue for iOS
  • RBVolumeButtons This lets you steal the volume up and volume down buttons
  • ReactiveFormlets Reactive and composable forms for Cocoa Touch
  • RMSkinnedView Subclass of NSView with a NSImage as background pattern. Interface Builder properties can be used to directly set the image path
  • Routable an in-app native URL router
  • RRBenchmark benckmark module for Objective-C
  • RRFPSBar Show FPS Bar instead of StatusBar
  • SAVideoRangeSlider Video trim control
  • SDLoginKit Login/Sign-Up ViewControllers Ready-To-Use with your Custom Backend
  • SJGeocoder A drop-in CLGeocoder replacement that adds MKLocalSearch results to geocode queries
  • SKNavigationController Custom UINavigationController
  • storage ibrary for fast, easy, and safe threaded disk I/O
  • StringScore StringScore is an Objective-C library which provides super fast fuzzy string matching/scoring
  • SwipeView a class designed to simplify the implementation of horizontal, paged scrolling views
  • TDRatingScale A UISlider like control
  • TheAmazingAudioEngine audio framework
  • THLabel subclass of UILabel, which additionally allows shadow blur, stroke text and fill gradient
  • TLTiltHighlightView A horizontal gradient which adjusts its appearance based on the positional attitude of an iOS device
  • TRAutocompleteView Autocomplete view attachable to any UITextField. Can be configured to autocomplete from any source.
  • UI Auto Monkey stress testing script for iOS applications that runs in UI Automation and Instruments
  • UIEffectDesignerView A native Particle Systems effect view powered by QuartzCore
  • UISS library that provides you with a convenient way to define the style of your application. UISS is built on top of UIKit UIAppearance proxies.
  • UITableViewZoomController A Cocoa Touch UITableViewController subclass in Objective C that provides a zoom effect as cells appear for the first time
  • UIView-Autolayout Category on UIView to simplify the creation of common layout constraints
  • UzysDragMenu Drag Menu you can easily open and close using drag gesture
  • Wolfpack an image processing library
  • WSCoachMarksView drop-in class for interactive coach marks with cutouts to spotlight the app’s existing UI

Here is my complete list of iOS resources

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Here is a new list of iOS resources that I discovered in the last month.

Featured resource

This weeks featured resource is of course my own EVURLCache. The EVURLCache is a NSURLCache subclass for handeling all web requests that use NSURLRequest. (This includes UIWebView). The EVURLCache is meant for handeling the following caching strategy: 1. The app has to be functional even if there is no internet connection right after the app has been downloaden from the app store. This means that the required content is included in the app. 2. You do want to be a able to download new/updated content if it’s available. For more information see EVURLCache on github.

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Here is a new list of iOS resources that I discovered in the past 3 weeks.

Featured resource

In the list below there is a resource that’s so cool I had to point it out. Injection for Xcode Source is an Xcode plugin that allows you to “inject” Objective-C code changes into a running application without having to restart it. You just have to enable it on your project, run the app, make a code change and press ‘command’ = to push that change to the running app. Just have a look at the video or try it out yourself.

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Here is another list of iOS resources
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Here is another list of iOS resources continue reading…

Here is another list of iOS resources. continue reading…

Here is another list with iOS developer resources. continue reading…

This is the first of the planned weekly posts about newly discovered (by me) iOS resources.

Here is the complete list of iOS resources

If you want to keep up to date, then just follow @evermeer on twitter or watch the RSS feed of this blog.

Iphone design and interface

Various specific libraries for your iPhone app


  • MagicalRecord How to make programming with Core Data pleasant
  • Codea Cargo-bot game build entirely on iPad

Tools that you can use

Various specific libraries for your iPhone app

  • MGTileMenu pop-up tile-based contextual menus
  • MPFoldTransitions add fold transitions to your app
  • BaseKit a set of iOS classes to make your life easier
  • MoMu a mobile music toolkit
  • XYOrigami folding transitions category for UIView
  • libextobjc a Cocoa library to extend the Objective-C language

In the past year and a half I have built various iPhone apps. Finding good resources
always was such a challenge that I decided to maintain a list of those resources. I have
used this list to flood my colleagues who were starting their iPhone development adventure.
This has proven to be of good help so I decided to share the list. I’ll try and keep this
up to date with new things I find. Feel free to comment with other great resources.

Update: The list kept on growing. I moved it to a separate page. I am planning to post regular updates. Just follow @evermeer on twitter or follow the RSS feed of this blog.

Here is the list of iOS resources