Two new websites live!

I enjoyed playing around with my own WordPress website at so much that I also starded to remake my wifes website immediately followed by making the website for a friend. Both sites still need a lot of content but the layout (and therefore my work) is now ready. Here is how these […]

Configuring WordPress

It’s now a litle more than a week since I installed WordPress on my website. Installing WordPress, finding a good looking theme, finding and adding nice plugins and migrating the content from my old site was quite easy. The thing that costed me the most time was a good way to do the url rewrite. […]

WordPress website now live

As of now my old website is completely migrated to a WordPress driven site. Almost all existing content was migrated from classic ASP. If you find any link that is not working or if you are missing content that was not migrated, then please leave me a message. Hmmm… I just found out that the […]